169.01 169 RUV Lau 22 NOV 2014 13.50:01
   RUV-TV   WEATHER FORECAST            
 East wind, widely 8 to 15 m/s, but     
 lighter wind in the west. Rain in the  
 south and east, and light precipitation
 in other parts. Moderating this evening
 and tonight. Light wind and mainly dry 
 tomorrow, but rain in the east at      
 first. Increasing southeast wind and   
 starts to rain in the southwest        
 tomorrow evening. Temperature 3 to 10  
 degrees C, but near freezing point     
 inland in the north tomorrow.          
 Spá gerđ 22.11.2014 kl. 12:39          
       FLIGHT INFORMATION.......420-424 
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