169.01 169 RUV      Wed 01 Apr 09:05:10
   RUV-TV   WEATHER FORECAST            
 Westerly wind 13-20 m/s and            
 snowshowers, but mostly dry in         
 Southeast-Iceland. Becoming colder,    
 frost 0 to 5 deg. C. in the afternoon. 
 Turning northerly late afternoon with  
 snow in the northern half of Iceland,  
 but scattered snowshowers in the       
 south.Decreasing northerly wind        
 tomorrow, widely 5-13 m/s during       
 afternoon. Becomimg fair in the south  
 and west parts, but light snowshowers  
 in North- and East-Iceland. Frost 1 to 
 7 deg. C., and getting even colder     
 tomorrow evening.                      
 Spá gerđ 01.04.2020 kl. 06:29          
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