169.01 169 RUV      Sat 25 Mar 17:33:59
   RUV-TV   WEATHER FORECAST            
 Southwest 15-23 m/s, but 10-15 in      
 SW-Iceland. Showers of rain or snow in 
 many parts, but fair in the east. South
 8-15 m/s and rain tomorrow, but dry in 
 the NE-parts. Turning westerly with    
 wintry showers tomorrow evening, 15-20 
 m/s on northeast headlands by evening. 
 Falling temperatures to near freezing  
 tonight, but becoming milder for a     
 period tomorrow.                       
 Spá gerđ 25.03.2017 kl. 15:28          
       FLIGHT INFORMATION.......420-424 
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