169.01 169 RUV Sun 20 APR 2014 08.58:13
   RUV-TV   WEATHER FORECAST            
 Southwest 10 to 15 m/s and 13 to 18 in 
 snowshowers in the west, but 8 to 13   
 m/s in the east and fair. Decreasing   
 wind and snowshowers by evening.       
 Southwest 3 to 10 m/s tomorrow, but    
 stronger wind by the southcoast.       
 Intermittent rain in the south and west
 and sleet in places at first. Dry in   
 the north and east parts. Temperature 0
 to 9 degrees C during the day, mildest 
 in the east today but in the west      
 tomorrow, especially by afternoon.     
 Spá gerđ 20.04.2014 kl. 06:44          
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