169.02 169 RUV      Mon 23 Jul 07:45:45
   RUV-TV   Weather forecast for the    
   TELETEXT next several days:          
 On Tuesday: Northeast 3-8 m/s in the   
 northwest part, elsiwXere lighter      
 variable wind. Some rain or            
 rainshowers, but partly cloudy and     
 mainly dry in the west part and        
 Westfjords. Temperature 7 to 14 deg.   
 C., warmest in the south and southwest.
 On Wednesday: Southeasterly wind, 3-8  
 m/s and intermittent rain or           
 rainshowers in most parts of the       
 country. Temperature 8 to 15 deg. C.,  
 coolest by the north coast. On         
 Thursday: East 3-10 m/s, strongest wind
 in the south. Cloudy and some          
 precipitation in the southeast, but    
 partly cloudy in the west and north.   
 Increasing northeasx wind with         
 considerable rain in the southeast by  
 evening. Temperature 9 to 17 deg. C.,  
 warmest in tpe west ad north. On  2/2 
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