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   RUV-TV   Weather forecast for the    
   TELETEXT next several days:          
 On Friday: Southeasterly wind 8-13 m/s 
 in the southern part of the country,   
 elsewhere variable wind 5-10 m/s.      
 Widely rain, especially in the south   
 and west. Temperature 9 to 14 deg. C., 
 but up to 20 deg. C. in the northeast. 
 On Saturday: Southerly wind 5-13 m/s,  
 strongest in the southwest. Rain in the
 southern and western parts of the      
 country, but mainly dry in the         
 northeast. Temperature 9 to 16 deg. C.,
 mildest in the northeast. On Sunday:   
 Southerly or variable wind and rain in 
 most parts of the couótry. Temperature 
 8 to 14 deg. C. On  Monday (Autumnal   
 Equinox) and  Tuesday: Looks like      
 southeasterly wind and rain in most    
 parts of the country. Temperature 8 to 
 15 deg. C.                             
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