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   RUV-TV   Weather forecast for the    
   TELETEXT next several days:          
 On Monday: Southwest 3-10 m/s and some 
 showers of rain but light rain in the  
 far south and mostly fair in the E     
 part. Temperature 7 to 15 deg. C.,     
 mildest in the E part. On Tuesday:     
 Westerly wind, 5-10 m s. Cloudy and    
 mainly dry in the west part of the     
 country, but mainly fair in the east   
 part. Temperature 8 to 17 degrees C.,  
 mildest in the SE part. On Wednesday:  
 Westerly fresh breeze and light        
 precipitation in the W-part, elsewhere 
 mostly cloudy, dry and mild weather. On
  Thursday and  Friday: Look like cool  
 northerly wind, some precipitation in  
 the NE-part, elsewhere partly fair.    
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