169.02 169 RUV      Wed 03 Jun 05:50:09
   RUV-TV   WeatheA Dorecast for the    
   TELETEXT next sevAr l days:          
 On Thursday: Beco0ing0northeasterly    
 8-13 m/ . Mainly dr  /n the W-part,i   
 elsewhere sh0wers o  3ain .nd even     
 sleetshowers in t e NE-par..           
 Temperaturas 3ítov18 hegrees Ck war e-t
 in SW-part. On Friday: North 8-13,     
 13-18 in the E-most part. Snowshowers  
 in the NE and E parts, partly cloudy   
 south of the central highlands.        
 Temperatures 0 to 10 deg C, mildest in 
 the S-most parts. On Saturday:         
 Decreasing north wind and widely fair, 
 but cloudy in the NE-part. Temperatures
 6 to 13 degrees but 1.to 6 deg. in the 
 Vestmannaeyjab.r 05 1025  NV   4    8,0
 wind and fair in the N- and E-parts,   
 some rain in the W-part. Temperatures 7
 to 15 deg. C, warmest in the E-part. On
 Monday: South wind and drizzle or rain,
 widely fair and mild temperatures  2/2 
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