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   RUV-TV   Weather forecast for the    
   TELETEXT next several days:          
 On Monday: Southwest 13 to 20 m/s and  
 snowshowers, but fair in the east part.
 Temperature around freezing level. On  
 Tuesday: Southwest 8 to 13 m/s and     
 light snowshowers, but fair in the     
 east. Temperature near freezing point. 
 Increasing south wind and starts to    
 rain in the south and west in the      
 evening with risimg temperatures. On   
 Wednesday: Stiff southwest wind and    
 considerable rain, but less            
 precipitation in the northeast. Mild   
 weather. Westerly wind in the evening  
 with snowshowers and dropping          
 temperature, but clearing in the east. 
 On  Thursday and  Friday: Southwest    
 wind with snowshowers but dry in the   
 northeast and east. Temperature around 
 freezing level.                        
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