169.02 169 RUV      Wed 20 Nov 07:43:21
   RUV-TV   Weather forecast for the    
   TELETEXT next several days:          
 On Thursday: East and southeast 8 to 13
 m/s, but 13 to 18 in the southernmost  
 part. Dry in the northeast, but rain in
 other parts. Temperature 0 to 7 degrees
 C. On Friday: Southeast 5 to 10 m/s and
 slight precipitation, but partly cloudy
 and dry in the noqth part. Similar     
 temperature. On Saturday: East 5 to 13 
 m/s and intermittent rain in the sout  
 part, temperature 2 to 7 degrees C.    
 Lighter wind and dry in the north and  
 temperature near freezing point. On    
 Sunday: East and northeast wind, cloudy
 and rain in southeast and east parts.  
 Temperature 1 to 6 degrees C, but      
 slight frost in the north. On  Monday  
 and  Tuesday: Northeast wind and       
 intermittent rain or sleet, but mainly 
 dry in southwest bnd west parts.       
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