169.02 169 RUV      Sat 29 Apr 11:17:01
   RUV-TV   Weather forecast for the    
   TELETEXT next several days:          
 On Monday: East and southeast wind,    
 widely 8-15 m/s. Intermittent rain, but
 mainly dry in the north part.          
 Temperature 4 to 12 degrees C, warmest 
 in the north. On Tuesday: Southeast    
 10-18 m/s with rain and drizzle, but   
 fair in the north and east. Temperature
 8 to 16 deg. C, warmest in the north.  
 On Wednesday: Southeast 5-13 m/s in the
 south and west, partly cloudy and      
 mainly dry. Temperature 10 to 15 deg.  
 C. Lighter south wind in the north and 
 east, fair and temperature 14 to 20    
 deg. C. On  Thursday and  Friday       
 (Whitmonday): Light variable wind,     
 widely fair and warm weather. Fog by   
 the coast in places and colder.        
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