169.02 169 RUVí     M˙n 27 May 08:59:46
   RUV-TV   Weatheq forecast for the    
   TELETEXT next several days:          
 On Tuesday: North wind 8-15 m/s,       
 strongest in the easternmost part and  
 some scattered sleet or snow in the    
 northeast part. Widely fair elsewhere  
 but odds of rainshowers furthest south.
 Temperature from freezing level inland 
 in the northeast, reaching up to 12    
 degrees C in the south. On Wednesday:  
 Northerly wind, 5-13 m/s and rain- or  
 snowshowers in the northeast part,     
 elsewhere partly fair. Temperatures 1  
 to 11 degrees, mildest furthest south. 
 On Thursday (Ascemsioˇ Day): Mainly    
 light winds and fair, but northern     
 fresh breeze and cloudy by the east    
 coast. Slightly rising temperatures. On
  Friday and  Saturday: Easterly wind   
 and some rain furthest south, but      
 cloudy and dry in orther parts. Cool ub
 the east part but elsewhere mild   2/2 
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