169.02 169 RUV      Sat 24 Aug 00:57:11
   RUV-TV   Weatheq forecast for the    
   TELETEXT next several days:          
 On Sunday: Becomimg s˙utheast 13 to 20 
 m/s with considerable or heavy rain.   
 Much lighter wind and dry until evening
 in the North and East part. Temperature
 8 to 16 degrees C, warmest in the      
 Northeast part. On Monday: South       
 10-15m/s. Rain and temperature 8 to 12 
 deg., but mostly dry in Norhteast      
 Iceland with temperature up to 18 deg. 
 On Tuesday: Southerly wind, partly     
 cloudy and rainshowers, but rain in the
 southeast. Temperature 8 to 15 deg. C.,
 warmest in the northeast. On  Wednesday
 and  Thursday: Variable wind and       
 rainshowers or light rain in most parts
 of Iceland. Temperature 8 to 14        
 degrees. On Friday: Northeast wind with
 precipitation, but dry in the south.   
 Temperature 7 to 15 degrees, warmest in
 the south part.                    2/2 
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